Areas of Concern: The Past, The Future, Manipulation
Leanings: Principle, Neutrality
Domains: Glory, Knowledge, Madness, Protection, Rune
Favoured Weapon: Kukri
Symbol: A Twisted Scroll
Symbolic Colour: Navy

Clergy of Eilthea

Clerics of Eilthea dedicate their lives to the pursuit of knowledge in all its forms. They strive to gain an understanding of the forces at work around them and the ability to foretell the future. With this knowledge, some strive to use it to the benefit of themselves and their allies. Others embrace the madness this knowledge can nurture, and give others glimpses in to drive them utterly insane.

Quests for the Goddess of the Fates typically involve a vision of a place where the cleric may find a lost book or scroll; returning it to civilization would grow the clergy’s breadth of understanding.


One can frequently find a small shrine to the Goddess of the Fates inside college institutions. Students and professors alike often consult her for direction in their studies. As races generally predisposed to the pursuit of understanding, a majority of her devotees are elves and gnomes.

Church of Eilthea

Temples to the Goddess of the Fates are most frequently expansive private libraries, where the collection of knowledge can most directly benefit her followers. Some of the rarest tomes in the world can be found in her temples’ collections.


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