Areas of Concern: Arcana, Planes, Runes
Leanings: Opportunism, Neutrality
Domains: Charm, Destruction, Healing, Magic, Rune
Favoured Weapon: Trident
Symbol: Star-in-Moon
Symbolic Colour: Purple

Clergy of Glöinn

Clerics of Glöinn are obsessed with the applications of arcane magic, and its utility in complementing the divine. Most find themselves apprenticing under a wizard for some time, hoping to pick up some amount of arcane intuition of their own. In reality, their deity’s androgynous straddling of the arcane/divine barrier may allow them to mimic some limited arcane spells as divine empowerments.


Glöinn is one of the least-recognized deities of the pantheon, if only because most students of magical empowerment settle decisively on one side or the other of the arcane-divine divide. Those who do seek enlightenment from the Goddess of Magic can come from any race or background.

Church of Glöinn

Temples to Glöinn are generally circular, domed structures. No exterior light enters these buildings, which are instead lit by a magical starfield superimposed upon the ceiling. Astute observers will note the movements of this starfield directly correlate to the movements of the night sky.


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