Areas of Concern: Metallurgy, Defense, Strategy
Leanings: Principle, Self
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Fire, Strength, War
Favoured Weapon: Warhammer
Symbol: The Anvil
Symbolic Colour: All Orange-Red hues associated with fire

Clergy of Rognahk

Clerics of Rognahk are the forgemasters. Most frequently dwarven, you can find them in most of the towns in the mountainous northern territories, tirelessly working to perfect their craft. Every item they craft is interpreted as a unique prayer to their god, and appropriate care must be taken to do the job right.

While Clerics of Rognahk do accept commissioned jobs, and are happy to take on most for the right price, they will absolutely refuse to cut corners and compromise their craft in order to hurry a job to meet a deadline. Instead they will recommend you take your request to some lesser smith, who makes a living of pumping out bargain-rate product.

Rognahk will rarely manifest to give quests to his faithful. He is happy to lend to them his divine power, but prefers that they use it to find their own way through life.


Rognahk is the patron father of the dwarven race. Their hard-working nature and staunch individualism align well with his portfolio.

Occasionally one can find human and half-orc blacksmiths aspiring to further their craft who have devoted their faith to Rognahk.

Church of Rognahk

Temples to Rognahk feature a separate entry hall with two sets of offset doors. These are intended to act as a baffle to the daylight that would stream in as the doors open. Because of this, when you enter the main chamber of the temple, the only source of light to your eyes is the monstrous circular forge-hearth in the center of the room. Clerics within the temple operate in strict silence throughout the day, so that the only sound one hears within the temple is the sound of staggered strikes of hammer upon metal.


The Church of Rognahk observes a moment of silence on the anniversaries of great past battles, whereupon all work in the temple ceases for two minutes.


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