Yus Aria

Areas of Concern: Exploration, Freedom, New Beginnings
Leanings: Neutrality, Self
Domains: Liberation, Luck, Plant, Travel, Weather
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
Symbol: Roadside Signpost
Symbolic Colour: Green

Clergy of Yus Aria

Clerics of Yus Aria are travellers. Their destination is unimportant; their love always lies over the next hill. It is rare to run into one in a community, as from the moment she arrives she is planning her next departure. Though generally content to travel alone, clerics may be enticed to tag along with a group if the promise of adventure and discovery is present. Yus Arians make a point of not getting involves in personal or inter-community altercations.


Some members of the various half-races who become displaced from their societies adopt the religion of the Goddess of the Road. Rather than search for a new place to live, they are happy to live throughout the world, always searching, though not for an end. Individuals or groups about to depart on a long journey commonly make a prayer to Yus Aria to ensure their safe passage.

Church of Yus Aria

Because clerics of Yus Aria are nomadic by the nature of their religion, permanent structures to her do not exist. Each night a cleric unpacks her tent, lights incense and hangs it from the crossbeam of her tent, and it serves as her place of holy meditation for the evening.


The Vernal Equinox is a time of new beginnings for the clerics of Yus Aria, and they make a point of beginning a new adventure to coincide with this date annually.

Yus Aria

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